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These work so much better than any hearing aids I’ve ever had before, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 35 years.

Ron M.

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Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Whether hearing loss develops over an extended period of time or appears suddenly, the following are common indications of hearing loss. If you experience any of them, you may have a hearing loss and should have your hearing tested by a professional.

  • Women and children's voices are difficult to understand
  • You have a family member with a history of hearing loss
  • You tend to read lips or need to watch people's faces to understand what they’re saying
  • Feel that other people don’t speak clearly
  • You continually ask people to repeat themselves
  • It is difficult to hear in groups settings, at the movies, or at worship
  • Others ask why you speak so loudly
  • You prefer TV or radio louder than others
  • You often respond incorrectly during conversations
  • You have a family history of hearing loss
  • Have been exposed to loud noise for prolonged periods
  • You feel stressed or fatigued when trying to hear what others are saying
  • Tend to avoid social situations you once enjoyed